I only have one thing on my mind…

100_5882Rachel is done!  I started this project in May of 2006, right after learning how to knit.  It was frustrating and I put it aside many times…100_5880

I promised myself, this past spring, that I would have her completed by this fall and wrapped around my shoulders at the end of September!  AND I DID IT!100_5886 (Do you like my comfortable, ready to use the shawl shot, with my foot and all?  hehehe  I just spotted the red, white and blue and felt a little patriotic, all of a sudden…) 

The original pattern called for tassels on each end…  I didn't like that.  I found this feather lace edging pattern and was inspired by K's shawl that is off-white and blue and I knew what I wanted to do.  It's made from Berroco Touche:  very soft and drapey.  I love the way it feels.

She's far from perfect, but I love her!!! 


2 thoughts on “I only have one thing on my mind…

  1. Red toes are pretty. Rachel is gorgeous. I’m probably gonna do that same thing on the end of my prayer shawl so keep the pattern for me so I won’t have to find it. It’s gorgeous. I can’t believe you’re finished. WOW. Doodle is oh my lordy beautiful. Yep printed it out. That’s a great picture of our bee also, send it where he’s bending over in the back yard.
    Yep the tv table is beautiful. guess we’ll keep Scott at least a while longer. hehehe.
    Love ya. Me.

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