We had a fabulous weekend…

100_5861 I finished up Will's tiger socks.  As you can see, the black Bernat acrylic is fuzzy after being worn one time.  (haven't been washed yet…)  However, Will says the black is really soft and he likes it…so yes, I'm going to use it on Bee's zebras too…  Maybe a sweater stone will fix it up… 

I'll let you in on a secret too:  I'm almost done with Rachel!  I'm going to block her today and she'll be done!  Pictures to come after blocking.  I can't believe she's done!  I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!100_5680 

The boys were happy as they could be, hanging out at home all weekend, playing video games, destroying the playroom, playing in the yard, which was super fall- like and lovely again!!  (Had the doors and windows open all weekend!)100_5710  

Wish I could say that we ate yummy, healthy meals that I made with my own hands, all weekend…  Truth is, I did cook, but I didn't cook anything good…  just ask Scott.  lol  Sorry, honey…  maybe tonight will be better…  Don't know what my problem was…  even screwed up Hamburger Helper… WHATEVER!100_5739  

Our little tootsie-pop's doing much better.  Had to take her back to the vet on Friday…  two nasty looking spider bites actually turned out to be some kind of totally disgusting worm/fly larvae that had to be removed and flushed out and it was about the most horrific thing I've ever witnessed!  But after that and several more days of antibiotics, our fuzzy girl seems to be well on her way to recovery and being a bad influence on KC, who just recently learned to beg for tomatoes too…  (Aren't you thrilled I chose to share the gory details?)  lol100_5746 

My honey got a wild hair this weekend and built us this:100_5809 

He couldn't find exactly the t.v. stand he wanted, so he built one.  I love that my husband knows how to do everything!  I think he enjoyed the process too.  (and I have a beautiful, new piece of furniture out of it!)100_5849 

Here's what it looks like all moved in.  This is where he spends most of his evenings, playing x-box and visiting with his Iowa buddies, on-line.  I think he's made his room quite comfy!

Got some scrapping done this past weekend too and a couple more pages in my summer/altered book.  It was fun playing with paint and making a big mess.  Pictures to come later.

We have Bee's open house at school tonight and I think I'm making taco salad for dinner.  (wish me luck with the cooking…)  I'm outta here.  Promised Dood a donut after school and I still have to go buy it…  Have a great afternoon.



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