I’m not complaining, but…

100_5663 Wow, when fall gets here, it's here!  The high today is supposed to be 65, tomorrow 65, Monday 60…  I don't remember it being this cool this early in many years.  100_5535 

So, I thought I'd share the final section in my CKU Ali album today. This one covers our time in Nebraska so far.100_5537  

Most of these pictures have already been scrapped on pages, but I loved the idea of having them all in one book together.  I immediately was drawn to the idea of an "evolution" album and right away knew I wanted the subject to be our family.

It's been so much fun looking at our growth and how far Scott and I have come in the last 10 years.  I'm so thankful for the AMAZING turn my life took in 1998.  I was just telling my mother, last weekend, that I feel like I was rescued 10 years ago.  Still sometimes can't believe this life is mine!100_5540   

Of course I have problems, of course Scott and I have arguments now and again, of course my life isn't perfect every single minute…  we ARE human.  But who would want to read a blog about disagreements and problems?  Right?  Recently when someone posed the question to Ali Edwards, about sharing so much personal stuff on her blog, she responded, "I don't share the really personal stuff."  Some were surprised to learn this.  I wasn't.  I love her, but she's human and has the same challenges that we all do.100_5542 

This picture of all four of us is one of my favorites from the last few years.  Yeah, I see a girl who's way too overweight, but I also see a girl who is surrounded by gorgeous men who love her!  And looking at Scott and how sexy he is in this picture, almost makes me silly. 100_5544  

And here's the last page, a photo of our house the first winter in Nebraska, when we set all the snowfall records!  It was so much fun! 


So, we have no special plans this weekend.  I think I may put something in the slow cooker for dinner and I'm thinking of a couple scrapbook pages I'd like to put together.  I'd like to finish that last tiger sock and maybe start putting finishing touches on my first completed knit shawl!  I promised I'd have her done for this fall and, um, looks like fall's here already…  lol

Right now, off to get more coffee.  I hope you have a great weekend!     


2 thoughts on “I’m not complaining, but…

  1. I love your album! And your sock, too….my sock class is Sept. 27 at the store we went to together. Hope I can pick it up and get in the groove. Yours are always so pretty.

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