100_5618One down, the second is about 25% done…  I can't wait to see what the "zebra" yarn looks like now that these turned out so cool!  Will loves them and can't wait for the other to be finished…  I mean really, he couldn't wait:100_5622 

He's so funny.  If I ask him to smile nice or say, "cheese", he'll give me this weird, forced smile.  But if I tell him to "show me your moves, Dood!", this is what I get!  I love it.  You think he'll grow up to be an actor?100_5627 

He was kind-of sad this morning, when I dropped him off at school.  Upset that second grade has indeed turned out to be a lot more work than first grade  and that recess is so short…  Tears rolling down his beautiful, little face,  we hugged and kissed and I tried to explain to him the necessity for school and that once there, you really do enjoy it…  Nothing was working.  So, I promised him that when the boys and Daddy got home tonight we'd play hard! We'd have a family game night!100_5626 

So, after dinner, we'll be popping popcorn and playing Monopoly!

He asked me to help him dry his tears and then got out of the car.  "I love you bad,"  he told me.  "I love you too bad, Dood."  

Oh, I love that boy!



One thought on “TGIF!

  1. The newness of kindergarten is wearing out for my girlies, too…they still like it, but the giddiness is harder to garner now. Ahh well…what a long trek they’ve all got ahead, huh?
    Love your sock!

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