Grey’s Anatomy Fans…

Greysanatomy Have you seen this commercial?  (link below)

So…  here's what I think.  I think Christina is the body we see impaled by a spherical piece of glass…  ( I can see her long sleeve, gray t-shirt that she has on under her scrubs.)  I think Derek gets hurt too, but I think Meredith is screaming because I think Christina may die…  I don't think Rose is really pregnant, just desperate to hold onto Derek.  The pretend pregnancy will slow down Derek and Meredith getting together…  probably for all of season 5!  Good grief!

Let me know what you think too!  I can't wait!


One thought on “Grey’s Anatomy Fans…

  1. Tina–I think Rose IS pregnant, because, after all, they love to torture the fans 🙂 If they do get together, where’s the drama? LOL Just like in Friends, Ross and Rachel only finally got together at the very end. I think he proposes before she knows about the baby because he knows when she finds out about it, she won’t marry him.
    It does seem to be Yang!
    I’m so excited for the new season!

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