A little bit of everything…

100_5593 It's Labor Day morning.  Mama and Daddy will be here in a couple more hours and we'll meet them at Perkins for brunch.  They boys are beside themselves with anticipation!100_5589

I got my fall stuff out of the store room yesterday.  I couldn't quite make myself do the outdoor Halloween stuff yet, but fall and indoor stuff, yeah, you bet!  The high tomorrow is supposed to be 68 degrees.  It's going to feel very fall-like around here!

Scott and I spent a lot of time in the yard yesterday, cleaning, mowing.  The deck looks so pretty, all cleaned off.  Maybe we'll get to use it tomorrow!100_5585_00  (Pictures coming later.)

So…  I've learned some lessons on this sweater.  I'm not ripping it again, and Will loves it, but I've learned some things not to do next time.  First of all, when adding to the main body of a sweater, try to find a matching yarn, not contrasting.  If I could have done the sleeves in beige and just the cuff in brown, it would look better, but I couldn't find yarn that was a close enough match to make me happy.  I should have waited and kept looking.  I love the cable waistband, but it makes the bottom of the sweater much less stretchy and as you can see from this picture, stretchy is good for my monkey!100_5587_00

Looking at these pictures, the sweater might even look better with different pants!  lol  The black sweatpants aren't doing much for me…  I don't know about you…  It took weeks for me to complete the silly little alterations to this sweater.  I literally knit 7 different cuffs and just didn't like them.  This was the last one and it's by far perfect, but I'm ready to move onto something else and the important thing is:  my boy likes it just fine!100_5583

I'm not sure if I shared that I ripped the tiger socks for the boys…  even though it was extremely stretchy yarn, the pattern for a medium woman's sock was too small…  serves me right…  I rarely do guage for socks.  So I started on those again on Friday.  Bought some black yarn on Saturday for the heels and toes.  And Will requested short socks, which has me elated:  quicker knit!

In other news, Will and I have our first colds of this school year…  Back in school less than 2 weeks and sick already…  ugh.  (my boys have a gift for catching EVERYTHING that goes around!)  And a bit of bad medical luck:  Friday evening we ended up at the clinic with Will.  We think he was bit by a nasty little bug and the site got infected.  It caused his little ear to swell up twice it's normal size, it was inflamed and he says it hurt.  Three days on antibiotics and it's much better.100_1436   And then Saturday morning, we woke up to our little toots in pretty serious medical distress…  She always, always sleeps in the bed with us, under the covers, between my pillow and Scott's.  Saturday morning, I rolled over to smooch her and she wasn't there.  Scott found her under the bed, tummy distended and in pain.  We took her to the vet, who was wonderful enough to meet us at the clinic at 7am on Saturday morning.  The doctor feels like it was…….  too many green tomatoes.  WHAT A BUMMER!  (she's been helping herself to the tomatoes lately.  I thought it was cute and I didn't know she could eat enough to make herself seriously sick.)  Turns out doggies just don't have the right stuff to digest green tomatoes.  So after a shot for pain and a few days of a special, bland, doggy diet, she should be fine.  And she can have one chopped red tomato, once in a while!

As you can imagine it was a little stressful with a sick kid and a sick puppy, to get up and leave for a day of fun with girlfriends Saturday morning…  but I managed!  hehehe 


One thought on “A little bit of everything…

  1. Funny, 2 of my 4 have the flu, one with diarrhea and one with vomitting. It lasted about 48 hrs but I am blaming the new school year and new germs too.

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