Monday afternoon already?

100_5510 Been busy today with Mommy stuff…  you know:  post office, groceries, taking kids to school, laundry, bank, lunch with hubby,  which was very nice, by the way.100_5504

Can't believe it's already nearly 2pm.  I still want to downsize toys in the playroom before I pick up boys at 3!

Here are a few more pages I got done over the weekend.  Still have sections 2 and 3 of Ali's album to share too…  By Friday, we'll all be tired of looking at scrapbooking and ready to move onto knitting again!!!  lol100_5505  

So, I love transparent pages and this one was a no-brainer, but sometimes it can be tricky to figure out how to cover up the back of stuff.  Can't forget to scrap the front and the back…100_5512

I took these silly pictures in the car one day, waiting for Scott and the boys to come out of McDonald's.  I had no idea what I'd use them for…  thought maybe cards for the boys…  Glad I had them to play with for this challenge.100_5514

This challenge was to use more than one copy of the same photo on the same page.  Since I'm not a Photoshop Wiz, I layered two photos, color on top of black and white.  Got the effect that I wanted.  And what a cute boy!!!100_5519

This challenge was to use 7 embellishments on one page.  And look…  it's another irresistibly cute boy!100_5521 Speaking of Bee, I had fun "stalking" him this morning.  Just decided to drive by his school and see if his class was perhaps, outside on the playground…  and sure enough.  I got to watch him play for a few minutes.  He looked like he was really having fun!  It made me giddy. 

I better get on that playroom.  I hope you're having a nice Monday!


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