I cropped all weekend… jealous?

100_5476 My friend, Katherine had mentioned an on-line crop that started this past Friday and went all weekend.  She had done it a couple of times before, but I had always been out of town.100_5479   She promised me it would be fun…  so I gave into the arm-twisting (hehehe) and played along.  It was fun.  I completed 7 pages of my own and 14 more pages that were challenges presented by the host site, www.acherryontop.com , which I highly recommend for shopping and community.  Seems like a smaller, closer knit group, very nice ladies and forth-coming with warm comments.100_5482   It was a really encouraging and inspiring place to be and I hardly left my scrapbook room all weekend!  lol

Scott and the boys were so wonderful, letting me play all day and not complaining too much.100_5483

I have yet to unpack from Friday night's crop at K's house, or the crop before that, which I think was last February.  Yet to be unpacked is all the stuff obtained at CKU Provo… 


Yea, I'll get around to it eventually.

100_5486  I've got to look for some more bumble bee embellishments… I'm running out of my little quilled bees…100_5488

These pictures I just took on Friday.  Yes, that means I'm all caught up on my scrapbooking.  However, I'm happy to say, I've never been a chronological scrapper anyway.  It's never bothered me that I "fall behind"… 100_5491 whatever.  I do whatever pictures strike my fancy and when I feel the urge…  I'm filling up albums with a pretty accurate representation of our lives.100_5499

When trying to put this page together, I was thinking of recipes and food and our marriage.  So I asked Scott, "If you and I were a food, what would we be?"  He answered, "Wine."  Is that not the perfect answer?  How'd he do that?  And he answered fairly quickly too, without hesitation…  Love that man.

On that note, I'm going night-night.  Gotta get up bright and early for school and work and coffee and stuff.  More scrapping coming later this week.


One thought on “I cropped all weekend… jealous?

  1. Oh my, you have been busy haven’t you!
    You’re really inspiring me to have another go at this scrap-booking thing. I’ve had a few false starts at it in the past but not quite got into it. Now that my photography’s a bit better maybe I should try again.

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