Friday morning and getting ready for a crop…

100_5449 I'm getting ready to scrapbook tonight.  Going to work on misc summer photos, with K.  We're going to play along with a virtual crop at .  Should be fun.  Still have lots of prep to do today, but it's all good!  Nothing really going on other than that, for the whole weekend.  There's a cool front coming in and we're staying home…should be awesome!100_5427

Been working on Dood's sweater this week too.  Finally got the waistband attached in a way that doesn't bunch and look ruffly.  But when I started on the cuffs, it started looking a little girly…  too many cables, I think.100_5454

So, off came the cuff and now I have a lovely wool book mark…  I'm trying another approach to the cuff now:  picking up stitches and doing stockinette and then maybe a 1-1.5" k2p2 cuff.  I'll keep you posted.

In other news, Ali announced, during a Q&A session on her blog, that she will not be traveling the rest of this year and all of next year…  you know with the new baby coming and all.  I feel so lucky that I was part of her last class for a while!  So, I thought I'd start sharing my Ali album that I almost have done.  (Still have to do the journaling.)100_5456

I've always wanted to use one of these little doorknobs!  lol  I finally got to do it and it's adorable!100_5457

Are you ready?  I love transparent pages!  I did notice, that the center of my clock, though, kind-of resembles a breast.  Decided to leave it because my husband is a boob man…  lol100_5458  (I told Ali that I was going to take credit for this album…  "Yep, I designed it…the whole thing.  Isn't it awesome?"  She didn't seem to mind, smiling and shrugging, "Sure, why not…")100_5459

So the album is titled "Evolution" and it's divided into three sections.  I'm only going to share the first section today, allowing you plenty of extra time to laugh at all the early pictures of Scott and me…100_5460

This is where the missing journaling will be…  lots of space, see, so I have to take some time and really decide what I want to say.100_5461

Love just adding pictures, punching holes in the photos themselves and adding them to the binder.  I'll be in the market for a new 12 x 12 album pretty soon and I think I'm going three-ring binder, so that I can vary the page sizes and add pictures like this…100_5462

On the back of those photos, I adhered patterned paper and another, smaller photo… didn't like looking at the back of a picture…100_5463

So, I didn't say it before, but this book is meant to document the evolution of our little family…  mine and Scott's.  This first section is before we had kids…  just my honey and me. (mostly)100_5464 I know we had Will and Scotty was on the way, when we lived in Loveland…  I'll explain when I post the next section, why I included the picture of the Loveland house here.

So this is the last page in my first section.  Aren't we cute?  (and young…)

What a fun, fun album to put together!  I love Ali's design style and I love the book!

Ok, I'm off to do more crop prep.  I hope you have a fabulous Friday!


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