Wednesday and another taste of fall…

The weather forecast had predicted hot and sunny today, so imagine my delight when I woke to overcast, breezy and 60 degrees…  just lovely!!!100_5400

Thought I'd share a couple more CKU projects today.  The first up is a two page layout from Scenic Route.  It was fun, because generally I don't spend a lot of time, making embellishments and we made the little flowers and centers out of naked cardboard shapes:  painting, sanding, gluing text, glaze on top, painting letters, inking paper.  It took some time, but fun, fun process.100_5399

Finding the photos to use on this project was easy.  I can't believe summer break is already over!  Looks like our boys had an awesome summer, though.100_5402

I must admit, I was a little disappointed when I heard that Tim Holtz was altering a mirror this year…  What am I going to do with that?  But turns out…  Tim can do no wrong!  Isn't it great?  It's sitting in a prominent place on the bookshelf in the living room now and I love it!  Ranger's classes are usually pretty messy and complicated-ish.  This one was too and FUN!!!  Loved it.

So the only thing remaining on the Ali album is for me to do the journaling.  I'm completely done with the rest of it.  Hopefully will have it done this week.  I have to be in the mood to do journaling…  I like to take my time and think about it.  Also a little more than half way done altering Will's moose sweater.100_4984

I have the whole waist band knitted and sewn on now…still have to decide whether or not to sew the sides closed or leave them open and I'm nearly done with one of the cuffs.  I'm kind-of excited about getting this one done with the cool spells we've been having.  Can't wait to see it on my handsome Dood.  Probably won't feel like doing anything much today, though…  I have an awful, scary dentist appointment in half an hour.  I hate going to the dentist!  HATE IT!  And I get so stressed out that I'll be wiped out by the time I get out of there.  I'll be making little boys give me lots of hugs this afternoon!

Have a great Wednesday!


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