Back to School

100_5423 Yesterday was the first day of first and second grade for our boys!  For a couple of weeks, Bee's been whining that he wasn't ready to go back yet, but when the time came, he was excited and happy…  Will too  (but with Will, going with the flow is a way of life.  lol)100_5425

They both liked their teachers, which is a huge blessing.  And they're just fine with going to different schools (a situation that bothered me all summer and continues to kind-of piss me off…  WHATEVER.)100_5408

I think eventually I got a hug from both boys, at the end of the day, but this is what happened immediately upon picking up the second child…100_5409   You think they like each other?

So we're diving back into normal life, with guitar lessons having resumed yesterday and boy scouts gearing up again next week…  Bee's already had homework and I think we're all ready to get down to business after an amazing summer break!



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