Suggestions please…

100_5354So the pictures today are of the little book we made the first day at CKU.  These pages are what they used to refer to as "make-and-takes" but are now called… ready?  "Inspiration Station" projects.  100_5355 Love that you don't have to clamor about a giant ballroom with 400 other women and try to get them all done.  Rather now, the students stay put, in one classroom and the instructors and supplies come to us.  Lovely, lovely change!  So everyone gets to do all the projects.  No one misses out.  Cool, huh?100_5356

The first picture is Ali's page, for those of you who can't recognize her style…  (I bet you could, huh, Tracey?)  This cute page with all the flowers and buttons, of course is the Making Memories page.100_5358 (They're always very generous.)

Love this page too, I think this was Lisa Bearnson's page…  We left before she got there and just assembled the page later…100_5359

Not wild about the Rusty Pickle page, but I can dress it up and make it my own.  I think he could have done more than just paper and 4 brads…  ya know?100_5360

This page was sponsored by a new acrylic stamp company, whose name I can't even remember because I didn't care for them.  Cute page though…100_5361

And rivaling Ali's page for my favorite is Tim Holtz's (Ranger) page.  He always has fun, complicated -sounding techniques to show us and I love the vintage look.100_5362

And finally some more Little Yellow Bicycle stuff.  I didn't follow their instructions exactly.  They did the cover sheet and the last page and I made the extra, here on the left too.  Hoping I have an extra page protector around here somewhere so that I can actually use the additional page…

So my question is:  This was intended to be a scrapbook about CKU.  And since I've always thought scrapbooking about scrapbooking is silly, I don't want to use the book for that purpose.  I already have a "book of me", so don't want to do that again.  Does anyone have a suggestion for a theme for this cute, eclectic, little book?

Ugh…coffee cup's empty.  Gotta go fix that.  Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.  Please do share!


2 thoughts on “Suggestions please…

  1. I love that book! I made a mini chipboard book last year of a bunch of favorite photos that didn’t have a home otherwise because they were all just random shots…you could do something like that with it. And I love Ali’s pages! Just like her, you’re right. 😉

  2. You could use this book as a “My favorite things” book or a book to journal your relationship with your husband-very personal but someday your grandchildren will pick up and see how much you loved Scott.Just a few ideas from the peanut gallery in Houston!

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