More CKU Stuff!

100_5363Thought I'd share my second favorite CKU project:  a little Halloween mini book from Little Yellow Bicycle.  I'm not sure if all the pictures do the book justice, though.  You have to know that most of the little stickers, die cuts and embellishments are glittery and irresistible!  I CAN NOT wait to put the pictures in this book!100_5371

Yep, there's an ugly, little glue dot in the middle of the cute spider transparency…  I figured I was going to put a photograph there anyway…  See that sparkly skull that we used as a tab?  My boys are going to flip over this book!100_5372

Of course our boys aren't going to have scarey costumes this year… I can't remember what they had picked out…  maybe a ninja costume and some Star Wars character again this year…100_5378

I long for the days that I got to pick out their costumes…  when Will was a chubby tummy Pooh and my Bee was Eeyore.  They were the cutest boys on the face of the planet that year!100_5380  

This page is built on another acrylic piece… so fun and cool-looking.100_5381

And here's the back of the acrylic…  I've got to do some more of this transparent stuff…  so much fun to change things up.100_5382

This is the only project that I completed the whole weekend.  It was very fast paced, but easy to put together.  I love it.100_5387

I don't think you can tell in these pictures, either, that several of these embellishments, like the row of ghosts on the bottom of this page, are felt.  Love that look and feel too.100_5388

I hadn't even really seen much from this company til this class.  I must go internet shopping and see what else is out there!100_5389

This is my favorite page in the whole book…and I took creative liberty with it…  lol  But I love the epoxy swirly and the glittery brad and the felt border on the bottom!  Love it!100_5391   Not to mention that my nickname is right there, on the bottom left.  Didn't know my nickname is Boo?  Yep, has been since I was a tiny girl, 4 or 5 years old.

And finally, here's the back cover, with layers of rub-ons that look so cool!  I'm not sure who designed the book, but BRAVO!  It was a big hit!

More to share later.  Off to enjoy our last day of summer break with my boys!


2 thoughts on “More CKU Stuff!

  1. I am SO copying that book! Using my fave stuff, of course, but copying the general idea. LOL LYB is produced by Deja Views…you’ve seen their lines before. Check out Imaginesce’s halloween line if you’re looking for more spooky stuff. MM’s isn’t bad either. K&Co’s is typical of them, but includes a CUTE banner you can make.

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