They’re done!

100_4968 They’re done…  Debbie’s Jaywalkers.  I hope she likes them.  I picked this yarn because these are her colors.  My only concern is that they may be a little tight, getting them over the heel.  She is a very small person.  (wears a size 5 ladies shoe.)  I made the size small from the pattern, which I assume, is intended for someone slightly larger than my extremely petite cousin!  I’m probably just worrying for nothing…  (I tend to do that…)

So I’ve got all my CKU stuff together and enlargements got here yesterday.  So all that’s set.  I really do have my shit together!  lol

I’m going to start working on a little boy pair of socks and trimming out a sweater for Will and the rest of this week I can just keep on top of the laundry and the house and everything will be fabulous!  Wish me luck.


One thought on “They’re done!

  1. You are so talented..i wish I could make all those goodies…
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