What did we do today?

100_4837 Start the day with an extra large Diet Coke for breakfast!100_4838

The first Wal-mart, to pick up on on-line order.100_4839

Off to civilization.  um…  kind-of…  Sterling, Colorado.100_4841  

Mommy’s lunch first:  two chicken soft tacos.  Yum!  Then to Mcdonald’s for the boys’ Happy Meals.  No, they never do get tired of Mcdonald’s.  I don’t understand it either…100_4846

Then to the park to eat lunch and play.100_4847

100_4902Then on to our second Wal-mart of the day…  oh joy!100_4907

Then after an hour and a half in Wal-mart, we were desperate for something cold to drink.  And guess what we found…  a brand, spankin’ new Burger King…  yep in Sterling, CO, of all places.  And…they still have Pokemon toys!  Happy Mommy, happy boys!100_4913

Then, finally, back home.  It was a fun day, no hurry, no time frame, we did what we wanted.  Could have been a little cooler, but all in all it was good.

Tomorrow we’ll be mostly staying home, doing birthday/Colorado prep.  Kinda lookin’ forward to staying home now.


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