And meanwhile, summer drags on…

100_4824I had never done Shrinky Dinks before, so when I thought of it, a few weeks ago, for the boys, I must admit, I was looking forward to trying my hand at it too.  And lo and behold, they’re really fun! These are mostly Will’s.  Bee has his on a key chain in his pocket.  He likes to rattle them like Daddy’s keys.  But, really, aren’t these bugs adorable?  Reminds me of the cartoon Miss Spider.100_4825

Here are Bee’s bugs.  And mine-he said he’d take good care of them for me.  lol100_4831

And here’s the knit baby sweater, all wrapped up and ready to go to it’s owner, who, by the way, was born yesterday afternoon.  Can’t wait to hold a brand new baby boy again!100_4826

And in closing, just a picture of Will’s breakfast this morning.  Still can’t get Bee to voluntarily eat eggs…  his loss.  Tonight for dinner is spaghetti and meatballs, historically one of Bee’s favorite meals, until the last few weeks when, “I don’t like sgetti and meatballs anymore!”  WHATEVER, HE’S EATING THEM! 

So, I’m going to go do two doggy baths now.  And then go shopping after dinner, without children–should be a nice, fun change.  By the way, I did get my photos for CKU all picked out yesterday.  Still have to make copies and enlargements though.  Also the Jaywalkers are coming along nicely…might even be done on time!  lol  Have I mentioned that I’m REALLY looking forward to CKU?  It will be weird for my little family to be spread out over three states:  me in Provo, Scott in Iowa and the boys in Colorado, but how sweet it’ll be to get home again!

Ok, I’m outta here to torture little KC and tootsie-pop with baby shampoo!


2 thoughts on “And meanwhile, summer drags on…

  1. I am sure it’s brecause you fried them… who can eat fried eggs… Yuck.. Scrambled with cheese, now that’s the way to eat eggs…

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