Just stuff…

KnitbookmosaicIt has finally occurred to me that I need to keep track of project details, such as yarn used, care required, needle size, that kind of thing.  So I just threw together a little composition book for that purpose.  I think this will come in handy for future reference.100_4821

This little project is coming right along.  One down and the second started.  I have 10 days to get these done and my CKU prep, which is plenty of time, if I don’t get lazy or procrastinate too much.  I want to wash these socks too, before I give them to her…  I think they’ll soften up quite a bit.100_4815

I’ve been using the slow cooker quite a bit lately.  I find that when it’s hot outside, I don’t like to start cooking dinner at 5pm…  So, I even started using our cute, little football slow cooker.   Scott bought this a couple of years ago for a Super bowl party, I think.  And I love it.  Also makes me think of fall coming…  (you know, football and all…)  Today I’m putting a low-cal chicken stroganoff in the slow cooker.  Hope it’s good…  I cooked apricot/ginger pork chops in it the other day and except for being a little over-cooked, they were really yummy.  Here’s the link for the recipe, if it sounds good to you:  http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/robin-miller/apricot-glazed-pork-medallions-recipe/index.html  Only difference is that I put all mine in the slow cooker on low all day and I used soy sauce instead of tamari.  It smelled so good and had a really yummy flavor.

I’m going to run and get started sorting photos for CKU today, before Will puts in to play on my computer.  Wish me luck.   I only have 10 days… 


One thought on “Just stuff…

  1. What a cute little crock pot. The boys looked like so much fun at the pool. Everything looks so pretty. The sock is beautiful. Those are not sweet williams, I think they’re a WEED, but they’re pretty.
    I loved the doughnut pictures and the boys and myself eating that scrumptious delight. Guh’s gonna take them back to the green polka dot store, while they’re here in August, yep. Guh and Umpa.
    Love you.

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