We’re home again…

100_4741 Got to go back to the super cool swimming pool in Longmont and the boys had a blast, as always!  My sweet Dood got sunburned with sunscreen and a t-shirt, so we’re taking a break from outdoor activities til his little shoulders are all better…100_4777 

Also Guh and I sacrificed 8 WW points each, in order to treat the children to a “real” doughnut!  (sacrificed… right…) 

Wanna see what we got?100_4788

Have you ever seen something so fantastic and evil?  8 points…  good grief!

100_4785 Our silly, little boys were in Heaven and are already asking when we’re going back.

I couldn’t get either boy to stop eating long enough to take their pictures…100_4786

Ok, so now we’re home, it’s Sunday afternoon.  I’ve got apricot/ginger pork in the slow cooker for dinner and I’ve done a little more knitting…100_4799

I’m getting a little nervous about time constraints.  I want to have these socks done by Aug. 1st and I still have most of my CKU prep to do and I have a pretty significant birthday coming up next week…  My honey’s.  We’re going to Colorado for the weekend, so that we can go to a nice (not small town/antique) theater and out to one of Scott’s favorite restaurants in Colorado and have a free babysitter!  Woo Hoo!  Lots going on in the next couple of weeks!  Then after CKU, school resumes the next week and we have supply lists to buy and boys to get settled in two seperate schools this year…  (not much to my liking that they’re going to different schools, but nothing I can do about it.)

Guess that’s all I have to report now.  Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend and in the midst of realizing how much I have to do, I’m going to go have a drink. 


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