Eye Candy Friday!

100_4576 I’ve always loved these little purple pansies.  Even love that they come up the following year all over your yard, from where the seeds have floated around and taken root.  Just love them!100_4525

As much as I have loved this little pine tree, he isn’t doing very well here.  He really loved the sticky Iowa summers and this dry climate just doesn’t agree with him.  But this day, I was knitting and looked up and my little pine tree was really beautiful.  I enjoyed looking at how pretty the view was out on our deck.100_4652

I think these purple flowers are sweet williams…I think these were the seeds I bought, just because of the name of the flower.   lol  They are really pretty, even prettier, sharing their pots with Iowa marigolds.  Love that I got the boys playing in the background of this shot!100_4654  

It’s been really hot here the last couple of days and again today…like upper 90s.  If you aren’t in a pool, it’s just too damned hot to be outside!  So there’s been lots of swimming and popsicles at our house!  Supposed to be a little cooler this weekend.  Should be nice.  And then the boys and I are taking off for Colorado again on Monday.  Gotta get on top of the laundry so packing will go smoothly on Sunday and we can leave on Monday morning.

Guess that’s it for me now.  Have a fun Friday!


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