Nope, I haven’t given up knitting…

100_4599Alright, so this first picture really isn’t knitting, it’s intent to knit.  This is going to be Jaywalkers for my cousin, Debbie’s belated birthday gift.  I’m hoping to have them done to give to her when we go to CKU in Provo in mid-August.  You think?100_4601 

Next is my first Baby Surprise Jacket.  This has been a really interesting project and I must admit I’ve cussed more than once.  This is for a friend’s baby boy due at the end of this month/beginning of next.  It’s coming together pretty quickly, when I do it correctly…  lol  Going to trim it out with a navy blue I-cord, yarn yet to be found and purchased.  If you’d like to see what it’s going to look like when completed, check out this link: .  I bought little wooden buttons for this one also.  Love, love, love the fall colors of the one in the link…  already thinking of the next one I’ll be making…100_4594

And finally, I’m happy to show that Rachel is coming right along, now that I have committed to wearing her this fall.  I’ve ordered some navy to trim her out, hoping to have it in my hands, next trip to Colorado…  but it’s getting pretty close to done.  This is one of the first projects I started on, as a new knitter, March, 2 years ago!  It’s a real milestone for me to have her completed!100_4596

Here’s a close up of Rachel.  Oh boy, those cables used to scare me…lol

So, still on tap, but supplies not even gathered up yet are:  tiger socks for Bee, finishing another shawl that I began a couple years ago…gonna have to customize the pattern too, so that will be a real creative endeavor, and I’m thinking of a Central Park Hoodie for me.  Here’s what that looks like:  and .  I’d make mine a little longer and obviously a little larger…   Love the tweedy yarn this person used.  Her name is Rachel and you can look at more of her finished knits here:  .  Lots of pretty stuff.100_4507

And last, but not least…  I finished Will’s “rainbow” socks.  They’re a little too big, even after trying to shrink them in a hot wash, but he loves them, wears them and will grow into them before I know it.  He says now that he wants a sweater and a hat made out of this same yarn…  I’m not sure about that…  I am thinking of adding cuffs and a waist band to a store-bought sweater that he loves, but has outgrown… I’ll keep you posted.  (Daddy voted no on this idea…  but I had already ordered the yarn…)

I guess that’s it for now.  Daddy set up our pool last night and I think the boys are dying to get in it!  I gotta catch up on laundry, just in case we still leave for Colorado on Thursday…  (might be postponed til Monday…)  Hope you have a great day!


One thought on “Nope, I haven’t given up knitting…

  1. Love your choice of yarn for the BSJ! I must admit I cursed a few times when I knit the pattern (more a list of hints rather than a pattern don’t you think?)

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