Monday Morning thoughts

100_4583 What a nice holiday weekend we just wrapped up!  Lots of work, lots of play, time for family and cooking and fireworks and friends.  It was perfect.

It was really hot a couple of days and really cool for the fireworks and last night.  I love an unexpected cool evening!100_4516

Scott came home from work early on Thursday with a gun!  Will really seems to enjoy it.  Scotty not so much.  I bet with just a little practice, though, Will will be able to get that target shooting/cub scout patch!100_0091

Saturday afternoon was spent at the pond at Legion Park, fishing…and boy, was it hot!  So hot, that Bee couldn’t decide if he wanted to go or not…  In the end both boys went and had fun with Daddy!

I hear that they even touched real, live worms…  disgusting!

But aren’t they cute?100_0094

I got to stay home, in the cool and peace and quiet.  It was a nice break for me too!

My honey worked himself to death, cleaning out the garage all day Friday, so he deserved to play on Saturday!  And then most of the afternoon yesterday was spent, both of us, catching up on the yard work and it’s so pretty now!  I did discover that my favorite part of cutting the grass, is after cleaning up and showering and sitting, getting cooled off in the living room!100_4533

I opened this post with a picture of our tomato plants… they’re getting pretty close.  Until then, though I’m eating store-bought, on-the-vine tomatoes.  I just thought my lunch was so refreshing and cool the other day, thought I’d share:  hormone/steroid free turkey, canola mayo, a yummy Vidalia onion, multi-grain bread, organic tomatoes and baby dills, topped off with a giant glass of caffeine free Diet Coke.  Yummo!  And for anyone on Weight Watchers, 7 points!100_4587

Our strawberry tree is really beautiful right now, thriving plants and pretty grasses…but no fruit or blossoms…  I’m not convinced that they’ll produce…  they’ve had a handful of berries but they were mis-shapen and eaten-looking–not something that I’d want to eat…  Maybe the strawberry patch is the way to go after all…  Purely for aesthetics, though, I think they’re really pretty…100_4563

Look at this sweet, little face!  You’d never guess that this is the source of the foul smell in our living room.  Our little KC, I’m embarrassed to admit, is not housebroken.  We’ve had periods of thinking that he was, but he always reverts back to relieving himself on the carpet…not sure why.  He’s 8 years old…old enough to know better.  So, we’ve decided to enlist the help of a dog whisperer (the animal behaviorist that helped with my Mom and Dad’s crazy pup) and buy new carpet.  We’re pretty committed, having already started crating the pups when we leave home.  Wish us luck.

I have more to share, been doing some knitting too.  I think we’re going to be home all week, so thankfully, I’ll have plenty of time to post here.  Right now, I’m thinking I better get on some mommy duties.

Have a great Monday, everyone!


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