Home Sweet Home

100_4447 It was beautiful weather while we were in Colorado, the past 8 days!  Hot…like summer’s supposed to be!  Our weekend escape to Mama and Daddy’s “mountain house” was a welcome relief from the heat, though, as it’s always 10 degrees cooler up there and even cold at night!  It was wonderful, felt good and had fun!Lightenedboys

We finally were able to get over to the wading pool in Longmont.  The boys have grown so much in one year, it’s hard to believe!  Just last summer I wouldn’t let them go into the “deep end” of the wading pool, because the water came up to their chins and it was just too easy to slip under, in my overprotective opinion!  This summer the deep end comes up mid way on their chests and I didn’t worry about them at all…mostly didn’t worry about them…  They had a ball!  We’ve got to get back over there!  In lieu of doing that, I’m going to take them to the public pool here, but it’s only 18″ deep.  I’m hoping our Daddy will set up our pool, in the back yard this long weekend…  we’ll see.100_4435

So here’s another shot taken in the hills.  I post this one, because I couldn’t believe how grown-up Will looks.  To me, he looks 14 years old, in this picture.

So you can imagine my delight and relief when I saw the following shot:100_4496

Where he still looks like a young boy, playing with toy choo choos!  lol

So, we’re home now and I’m embarking on a couple new knitting projects and making grocery lists and catching up on the laundry.  It’s a good day, although the weather is a little gloomy and stormy, it’s a good day. 


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