Our First Cub Scout Day Camp…

100_4284 It was a long, hot day in Sterling, Colorado at Cub Scout daycamp yesterday.  I got a bit of sunburn, Scott got a bit of grumpy, but the boys had a blast.  We could have been done with the whole thing in half the time, if it had been organized correctly, though.  It would have been much more fun for everyone, if the pace wasn't quite so slow…  They gave each group of 6 boys nearly an hour at each station…  way too much time and the boys get tired and hot and bored…  They perk up when the next activity starts, but there's lots of whining til then…100_4316

Both boys really enjoyed the obstacle course.  I think that might have been their favorite activity.  The rope bridge was a huge hit!


100_4359 Bee wasn't real sure about the guns.  At first he wanted to sit this one out, but when I showed interest in learning how to shoot and the cool "cowboy scout" came over to help him, he was up for it.

100_4369 Scott walked around with Will, while I was with Bee.  I didn't understand that when I volunteered to watch a couple of kids, that I was actually signing up to guide a group of 6 boys…  but that's what happened.  So, luckily Scotty was in my group, but my Dood wasn't.  I'm so, so happy that Daddy was with us, so he could help (and keep an eye on) Will.  I heard that Will had difficulty with the guns, but he really excelled with archery!  Look, he's pulling that string back and it was hard…  I know, I did it too and I have bruises on my arms to prove it…  I didn't say I did it well…100_4383

And so this is what a typical six-year-old looks like at the end of a full day of Cub Scout camp!

100_4384 And here's an example of a post Cub Scout camp seven-year old.

The ride home was very quiet and peaceful!


One thought on “Our First Cub Scout Day Camp…

  1. Well I love the pictures of the “big boys” all tuckered out on the trip back home. It is so cute. Remember all those miles of riding around town, so you didn’t have to wake them from their naps when they were little itty bitty babies. So cute.
    Love Me.

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