Feeling Inspired

100_4219 Here's the first page in my summer journal/altered book project.  Although it may not be as busy as most altered books, I think I'm going to like it.  The process certainly was fun…just throw it on there and hope for the best, mixing glue and paint…  I love the way the glued-together pages are crinkly. 

I can't wait to have more time to work on it.

100_4220 Here's Umpa's Father's Day card, that he hasn't gotten yet.  Kind of eclectic, but I like it.  Found the inspiration for this one on Nora's blog.  Umpa will get it next week, when we visit again.

100_4016 And here's our Daddy's Father's Day card.  An original design… imagine that!  The boys made Daddy cards too and we got him several little gifts.  I think he was pleased.100_4221

 And I'm having so much fun now that I've broken my own promise to me,  about knitting.  I promised that I wouldn't work on anything else until I had completed my first shawl.  IT'S TAKING SO LONG…IT'S JUST SUCKING THE LIFE RIGHT OUT OF ME!!!!  So I started on a little boy sock.  I know it doesn't much look like a boy, but this is yarn that I already owned and that Will requested!  I'm actually already working on the foot, I was just too lazy to go upstairs and take another picture!  lol

Also been looking on the internet for Minky Chenille at a good price…  If anyone has suggestions where to buy, please let me know.  Why is that stuff so expensive???  Yep, got a new blankey in mind.  I'm thinking chocolate brown minky and maybe this cute, vintage-looking owl fabric on the front…Owlfabricblue

There's one with a pink background and one with a beige background…haven't entirely made up my mind yet, just fell in love with the little owls.

I'm going for something like this, but in an adult throw size:


If you'd like to check out this etsy shop, here's the link:  http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=103775 . Another really cute esty shop that I lucked up on is this:  http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5077416&order=&section_id=&page=1 .  This is the lady who makes those irresistible recycled sock and sweater dolls that I mentioned in a previous post.  I love etsy…so much inspiration to be found there.  I absolutely love seeing what others are doing, dreaming that someday I'll be able to make cute stuff too…  hehehe

Time to go get coffee.  I was going to do yard work and cut the grass today, but the weather isn't going to allow it.  We got a thunderstorm and hail last night (tore up all my flowers) and it's rainy and gloomy today…  supposed to be that way the next few days.  I hope it clears up for Boy Scout Day camp this Saturday…  We'll see.

Hope you have a great Thursday!


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