I Think They Had Fun

100_4183 We attended our first Cub Scout Space Derby yesterday afternoon.  And except for the unexpected and tedious set-up time, the event was a lot of fun for everyone.100_4184

The first half of the day was really all about entertaining little boys.100_4185

We went out to lunch after the derby and then home to play in the sprinkler.  Daddy says it's still to cool to set up the swimming pool.  Bummer!  They had a ball, though.100_4208

Then, after showers, we watched a movie together and ate popcorn.  Daddy took a nap.  Later in the evening we ordered yummy Chinese food for dinner.  It was a great day.  Weather gorgeous too!


Even Miss tootsie-pop enjoyed herself, stalking the tomatoes and being spoiled with belly scratching from her favorite human!100_4215

As for today, until my honey gets up, I'm playing in my scrapbook room, having started on my summer altered journal this morning.   Then later we're going to spoil Daddy with gifts and handmade cards and a steak dinner.  He's gonna love it.

Better get going, for now…my coffee cup's empty again…  Geesh!


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