Eye Candy Friday and other stuff

100_4040 Just some pretty flowers at my Mom's house…have no idea what they are, just love how they look like pink lace.

The weather is just perfect today.  Cool and blue sky, feels like fall already… (I love fall, but I'm not quite ready for it yet.)   Makes me want to be outside, though,  so I may cut the back yard…doesn't even really need it yet, but I'm dying to be outside…  Gotta plant some seedlings that the boys started at Cub Scouts a few weeks ago too.  Looks like we're going to be growing beans!  (not sure what kind, though…  lol)

100_4074 So, we have a fun weekend planned, full of Boy Scout Space Derbys and Father's Day celebrating.  Got some preparations to do today and maybe some knitting to do over the weekend too…  It's going to be a100_4078 nice, peaceful, summer weekend at home!  Supposed to even be warm tomorrow…Maybe even swimming pool weather…  These pictures of my spoiled boys were taken last weekend at the mountain house.  It actually snowed on us, while we were out of the deck…just for a moment… It was fun. 

I guess the boys and I are going to go get busy.  In closing here's a picture of our giant baby dog, Duke and his best friend, Umpa.100_4062

Love that big, ol' puppy!

The man isn't too bad either…  hehehe


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