Monday Afternoon

100_4006 Our Thai Basil is in full bloom right now.  It must be very happy in the front window.

I'm going a little crazy today, trying to get ready for a party tomorrow night and leaving for our first summer trip to Colorado Wednesday morning.   I still have so much I want to do before we leave.  But then when we get there and get settled down, it's so relaxing and wonderful!  And I'm so, so ready to knit!!!

I think I've gotten paper crafts out of my system for a little while…  Did a bunch over the weekend.  It felt really good.  It's  made me super excited for CKU to get here.

100_4013 This layout was really just an exercise in having fun.  The boys wanted to play with their new Crayola paints and I was bored, so I painted with them…nothing special or even very interesting, but I thought it might be a cute scrapbook page, with just a little help.100_4014

This next one is a Father's Day gift for Umpa.  (I know he never reads my blog, so it's safe to go ahead and post it.)  I'm going to buy a frame for it.  I hope he likes it.100_4017

You knew I was going to scrap the Columbine, right?

Gotta love all that purple!!!


And lastly, this page was going to be a Father's Day surprise for my honey, but I've decided on something else…  So this one will go into our family book.  Love my new tree and deer stamps!

Still have guitar lessons with Will tonight and I've got to go to the supermarket.  Tomorrow will be filled with packing and cleaning and partying.  And then Wednesday, I'm hoping to leave pretty early for Colorado.  We're having a big dvd player and sunroof installed in my new car, while we're down there too.  It's going to be so cool!  I can't wait!

I better get.  I hope your Monday has been grand!



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