I Love Saturday Afternoons at Home!

I love Saturday afternoons at home, when there isn't loads and loads of stuff that has to be done.  I love when I honey is home with us.  I love sleeping in with him and knowing that he's here.  I love the kids playing nicely and me doing whatever…laundry, figuring out dinner, crafting, cleaning, you know…whatever.

Gotta show you this first:100_3966

It gets more and more beautiful everyday that I look at it!  A friend of Scott's, at work, sent home several tiny yellow columbines for me to have.  I need to get them in the ground today.  If the blue one is a good indication, they won't really thrive until next spring.  (this one was planted last year and didn't do very well.)  Just got to figure out where to put the baby, yellow ones.

So, after that, I want to finish up a scrapbook page that's waiting, half completed on my desk and start on a binder that I bought to house all the little boy art that I can't make myself part with, I want to start on my summer art journal/altered book and start on an embellishment that's going to be included on my Dad's father's day gift.  (If it turns out, I'll share pictures.)

This week, the boys and I were stuck inside (because of bad weather) long enough for me to get these little projects done:100_3963

I've had this little canvas, sitting around waiting for just the right idea.  And thanks to Donna Downey, I decided to try my hand at painting something.  I think it turned out pretty cute, for my first try…  and it's given me the confidence to try an art journal…  and let's face it, even if it isn't great, it's just fun to play with paint!100_3955

Cute little layout, documenting my new love of tomatoes.  I think, if you hate tomatoes like I have all my life, but you really want to like them, because they're pretty and red, then grow one at home!  I couldn't help myself when it came to homegrown plum tomatoes!  They're so pretty on everything!  So, now for the first time in my 40-something years, I love tomatoes!  (Yes, my mother is very proud.  lol)100_3956

So many fun things going on in May this year, that I decided to make a page, highlighting most of it. 

Remember Ali giving us this idea for a challenge last fall?  (Ummm, in looking for the picture, I realized it wasn't last fall, but two falls ago…  my, how time flies!)100_2583


This was Ali's second newsletter challenge, in October 2006.  So much fun to look back at all the changes.  I had just discovered Mike's Hard Cherry drinks, was a brand new knitter, Dood had just lost his first tooth. (not to mention we don't have those ugly barstools anymore and we have a new dining room table…)

 I love this idea of documenting a whole month on a layout.  Very cool idea, Ali!  Man, I can't wait for CKU in August!!!  Can't wait to visit with Ali again!  It's going to be awesome!

Guess I better get going.  Got lots of fun waiting to be had!


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