Memorial Day weekend

Want to see how I spent most of my Memorial Day holiday?100_3844

Ali's most recent Weekend Creative project.  The challenge was to use one big picture.




Next are a couple pages heavily based on designs by Donna Downey.  She's so talented.  I've been looking more and more, to her for inspiration lately.  I'm even going to try my hand at canvas painting later today…  Wish me luck.100_3888

I knew, when I saw the brad swirlies, in Simple Scrapbooks magazine, some months ago, that I had to do it.  Wow it took far longer than I thought it would to make them, but boy, are they worth it.  Really special, the effect is really cool.100_3889

I loved Tia Bennett's page so much, that I made my own flower page.


This one?  Joy Uzarraga.

Why re-create the wheel, right?

100_3884 This one is actually an original design and just for fun.  I was so pleased with myself and the Easter cupcakes that I madethis year.  They were a big hit with the family too!

100_3885 Had to document our little girl and her love of fresh, homegrown produce!

100_3906 This one is based mostly on a design by C.D. Muckosky.  Bee liked it so much, he made one for himself too.

Lots of creative energy flying around our house right now.  It felt so good to scrapbook again.  Afterall, it was my first love!  lol

I broke down and bought some new acrylic stamps last week that I'm dying to use too.  So, more projects to come soon.  The weather is pretty dreary here again today, so the boys and I have plenty of time to play indoors.  Guess that's it for now.  I'm going to go get busy.


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