We Deserve This!


We deserve a couple days of perfect weather, after dealing with severe thunderstorms, possible hail and tornado watches/warnings for 4 days in a row!

That sky is just unbelievable to me.  Just makes me happy!  Ok, don't look at the grass yet, though.  My honey's in the middle of repairing the sprinkler system, which froze and burst over the winter…  He tells me the grass is not dead and it'll still come back…  AND I BELIEVE HIM, DAMMIT!  Can't wait for warm enough weather to put the pool back in it's place too…  tired of looking at it's dead grass, round spot!

So, he's going to fix the sections of the fence that were blown down in the storm today too, while I continue to manicure everything and hopefully think of more stuff to keep the boys busy outside with us too!


Strawberries are doing really well.  I bought some fresh strawberries at the market yesterday and they were so yummy!  Can't wait til these babies are ready to eat!  There are a bunch of little pink berries under all those leaves already.

100_3830 The puppies were keeping us company while we were working in the yard.

100_3805 Even put the boys to work.  Will is much more an indoor person and tires of outdoor stuff pretty quickly, but we made him stay with us and contribute.  I keep telling both boys, now that they're out for summer break, there's no reason that they can't help out, around the house and yard.  They're big boys now.  Will told me yesterday, "Helping Daddy in the back yard does his heart bad."  WHATEVER!  WHERE THE HECK DID HE GET THAT?  Crazy child!100_3835

And…look what I found yesterday!!!  My Blue Columbine is on the verge of blooming!  One of my favorite flowers, since I was a very little girl, the blue columbine just symbolizes the Rockies and the mountains and nature and wilderness.  Lots of things that I love.  It makes me think of John Denver and our first trip to Aspen and our last trip to the JD Park in Aspen.  It's my favorite color, purple.  (not sure why it's called blue, because clearly it's purple…)  I can't wait to see this baby in full bloom.  So glad she survived the winter!

I better get moving.  My honey should be home with fence-mending supplies any minute and I'm ready to get busy in the yard again.  Hope you're having a fabulous Memorial Day weekend too!


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