I was hoping for better…

100_3794 The first day of summer break has left a lot to be desired…  First of all, I came down with some kind-of stomach bug/food poisoning thing yesterday afternoon and, let's just say, the system has been completely purged.  I'm feeling better today, but really tired.

I was aware, last night, that a thunderstorm was going thru, but I had no idea that it would tear down sections of the fence…  It's supposed to be rainy, foggy, haily, possibly tornado-y for the next two days.  I so love living on the plains! 

My boys are a little bummed too, stuck inside today…

So looking on the bright side, I've been wanting to relax and knit…  hehehe  I managed to eat and drink this morning and didn't have to run to the bathroom…  It's just going to get better and better from here on out, right?


In other news…  I'm so happy and excited for this young man!  He's the new American Idol, announced last night.  He's  the one who's earned my vote for many weeks…  He seems to be a true class act and the judges said many times, that he was one of the nicest contestants  they've ever had.  He's got a vocal style that has given me goosebumps and made me cry, his voice and talent are truly awesome!  He so deserves this honor.

Congratulations, David Cook! 


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