Think She’s Ready to Eat Tomatoes?

100_3742 I spent a couple hours yesterday, planting our garden.  This year we have lots of different kinds of tomatoes…much to tootsie-pop's delight!  We have three bell peppers, strawberries, rosemary, thyme, basil, lemon balm, chives, mint, pansies everywhere.  It was so much fun, getting it all in the ground yesterday.  And little tootsie-pop was on my heals the entire time, whining for tomatoes.  (crazy little pup.)  It was too hot outside for K.C.  He decided to wait indoors for us girls to be done farming.  lol100_3727

Had a really nice lunch, outside, on the deck, with my honey yesterday.  The weather was really wonderful, with a little breeze.  It was fun, making a special lunch for us.

Love it when he comes home for lunch, which he's been doing more and more lately.  I hope he continues, now that the boys will be home for summer break.  They'd love to have Daddy home in the middle of the day for a while.

Speaking of summer break, today's the last day of school and the boys couldn't be more excited.

We have to go in tomorrow morning to pick up their last report cards and then they're outta there!  Wish me luck in finding ways to keep a 6 and 7 year old entertained for the next three months!


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