Much better weather today…

100_3227 Close to 70 degrees today and sunny.  Much, much better!

We kind-of missed the entire middle of the perfect afternoon, though.  (but it was so worth it!)  The whole family, yep all six of us, got in the bed and took a two hour long nap!  Daddy, me, both boys, both pups…  It was magic!

So, I just wanted to check in today and share some stuff that’s making me happy right now.  Lots of gorgeous scrapbook inspiration out there right now and what’s this: ?  She hasn’t dropped any hints or anything, and then out of the blue, an email…  hmmmm.  Can’t wait to see what it’s all about.

Other inspiration?  I tell you what…  I’m get more and more impressed with Donna Downey every time I look at her blog.  The latest thing that has me wanting to play with artsy stuff is this:Donnadowneyminibook_2

Why didn’t it ever occur to me to use eyelets in such a cool way?   I’ve got a clear book in my stash, just waiting to be something!  Here’s the link to the rest of the book, if you’d like to check it out: .  I love her "Painting a Day" project so much that I’ve been slowly ordering the supplies I need to make my first one.  It involves a tree branch, maybe a little bird…lots of paint.  Gotta find a cool quote that means something to me!  Here are all her daily paintings: .

I would have done something to celebrate, had I known that yesterday was National Scrapbooking Day…  So, while surfing last night, stumbling around on 2Peas, I found this awesome online class project:  Paperquilt 

Absolutely gorgeous!  And if you find yourself needing it too, here are all the instructions: .

And finally, wanted to share some music that I’m finding really cool and fun…  I guess they were around for a while and now have already broken up, but they’re new to me.  It’s a band called Nickel Creek and here’s a video of my new favorite song: .  Ooooo, it’s so purdy!  lalalala

Got a busy week again this week and going to have a very happy Bee, who turns six this Saturday.  He’ll have a little party at school on Friday and then we’re off to Colorado for a family party on Saturday.  I hope he’ll make it this week and not just pass out from anticipation!  lol

My song’s over now.  Guess I’ll go find my honey and boys.  I bet they’re in the back yard, enjoying the nice weather, without me…  gotta run.   


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