Our Aspen re-joins the world!

100_3010 And isn’t she beautiful?!

Also found this today…  the first one of the year.100_3001

And, do you know what the next photo is?  (A very close second favorite of mine, after the tulip…)100_3012

Blue Columbine, just like the stuff that still grows wild all over the Colorado Rockies!  I can’t believe I didn’t spot it before today…  looks like it’s been peeking out for a while this spring…  No flowers yet, but you’re sure to see plenty soon as I do.

I’m accompanying Will’s class to the zoo tomorrow (an hour and a half drive from here)  We’ll be gone all day and Will’s so excited he can hardly contain himself!  Pictures to come later.  Wish me luck…


One thought on “Our Aspen re-joins the world!

  1. You’re so lucky to have an Aspen tree. I miss them a lot. Never thought to actually plant one myself…
    Have fun at the zoo. My daughter had a ball when her class went. Scottsbluff, right?

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