Playing with fabric again

100_2835_2 I started working on the boys’ quilts this past weekend.  I thought I had the tops completed until our little creative artist got involved.  Scotty’s a mixed media artist now…  and his idea for the quilt tops turned out to be much cuter than mine!  lol.  So I’ll be ripping seams and re-sewing this afternoon.  He’s so excited for his quilt to be done that I think I’ll do his first.  Might even get it sandwiched together today!

I’ve got to get pictures of him helping me out with the fabric and pins.  I’m so happy he likes all kinds of arts and crafts.  He’s very creative and loves the whole creative process.  I didn’t discover this joy til much later in life…

Speaking of art and creativity, found this the other day and thought it was paticularly cool to watch  (had to purchase the song on Itunes too): .  Hope you enjoy it too. 

Now I’ve really got the itch to make something on that extra canvas that’s been in my stash for quite some time…  I ordered a Heidi Swapp mask just for this purpose…  It should be here soon.   I’m really getting into Donna Downey recently.  I pre-ordered her two new books and I’ll share a secret with you…………  I’ve joined NutriSystem…also should be getting my first shipment from them really soon. (Donna’s lost 30something lbs on NS) I can’t wait to get started!  Wish me luck.

Alright, I’m outta here to do my morning mommy stuff and play with Bee’s quilt.  Have a great day!


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