Thursday Morning

100_2560 First things first, I wanted to thank my Ravelry swap partner, all the way up in Alaska!  She was very generous and it was so much fun getting all these goodies!  Thank you so much, Janet!  And a big thank you to our moderator, Julie (Fibers) too.  This was such a fun and unexpected surprise for me, Julie.  I owe you one!  I am so excited to have pretty hair/headbands to wear!  And excited that my partner is from Alaska, a place that I have very fond memories of.  Just wonderful!   The whole swap thing has gotten me so psyched to knit again.  I can’t wait to get started.  lol100_2557   

I found time to do one layout yesterday.  I love this shot of Will, blue eyes twinkling in the ambient sunlight and most of his teeth missing!  lol 

I attended parent/teacher conferences last night and I’m just amazed at how both our boys are excelling at school.  Their teachers only had great things to say about both boys.  I’m so happy.  It was fun to hear about some of their funny routines at school too. For instance, how Will stops in 3 or 4 classrooms before going to his own, to say good morning to his favorite teachers.  He also waits on Scotty to get all his stuff put away and get settled in his classroom, before going to his own.  Yes, Will is the world’s best big brother!

So all is great at school and they are getting out early again today and there’s no school tomorrow.  The boys are in Heaven.  Now I’ve got to come up with some fun activities for us to do together.  Supposed to be cold/snow and rain, so indoor activities it is…  bummer.

I’m off to do "mommy stuff".  I hope you have a fabulous day!


One thought on “Thursday Morning

  1. You are welcome! It was fun to knit for you- I learned how to do i-cord and had to go out and buy new knitting needles (bummer there, not!) And I am totally in love w/Alpaca it was the softest thing to knit.
    Hopefully you find some time to knit and create something else that you like.

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