Valentine’s Day and other stuff

100_2094 Valentine’s morning was fun.  I gave all my boys their surprises.  This was Scott’s surprise:  a couple day’s supply of his favorite candy in a pretty mason jar.  lol

And a cute, little mini book that I made the bones for at CKU-Chicago, two years ago, and finally had the perfect opportunity to finish it up.  I think this was a Scenic Route project.  I just love it.

Here are some of the pages: 

100_2097 Just filled it with pictures of my honey and mushy journaling.

100_2100 I love how it turned out.  My honey liked it too!

The little boys surprises went over well too, especially wormies!100_1924

I was so happy they liked them so much.  Both boys wanted to take them to school today, but there’s so much going on today, I told them maybe we’ll take them for show-and-tell next week.  I’ve got to scrap this today too:  I don’t ever want to forget that my little boys fought over who could be Mommy’s Valentine!  That’s something I never want to forget! At this point in their young lives, I’m the only woman for them!  lol

Bee and Dood are going to have a great day today:  Valentine’s surprises and parties at school and giving out valentine cards to their friends.  Not to mention it snowed last night–my boys love snow!!  And they’re out of school tomorrow and Monday.  Life is good for little boys!

So today, I’m spending most of my day catching up on laundry in order to pack and go to Colorado Saturday morning.  Yep, we’re going to try again.  Postponing the trip for one week did serve us well in one respect:  Scott and I can now agree on a movie:Jumpermovieposter

Looks really interesting.  I love a good sci-fi and Hayden Christensen is pretty easy on the eyes…

Going for birthday dinner with my sweet husband to Biaggi’s.  Should be a romantic, quiet, peaceful, fun evening, just me and my honey.  I’m really looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, Guh tells me that she and Umpa will be watching boys at the big, new McDonald’s with a big, new playground.  The boys will be in Heaven.  Guh and Umpa?  Maybe not so much…  lol

100_2230  So, now I’m going to brag about my family!  I was really, really spoiled this birthday!  I want to share some of the birthday surprises I received.  K?

Mama and Daddy bought me several books that I’ve been dying to have.  This first one has a couple patterns that I want to make.  (getting more and more into quilting and sewing.)  Also the author is also the author of a blog that I enjoy reading.100_2231

And this one really, really touches my heart.  It’s a true story, a children’s book about a man who lives in Snowmass, Colorado.  He joined a neighbor ( a cowboy) one Christmas Eve to gather around a tree and sing carols, in the barn with the animals.  The neighbor had told him that he had another friend coming to join them too.  And the three men and their sons were just going to enjoy the season their own way, for a little while.  Turns out the other friend was John Denver and his son, Zachary.  He played the guitar and sang for them and it was just an unforgettable Christmas Eve for them all.  I love, love, love this sweet book!100_2234

Then there’s this great knitting book.  I was having trouble finding sweater patterns for bigger kids.  (Most of the kids’ patterns go up to age 7…not big enough for my boys, at this point.)  So this book goes up to age 10 and offers lots of patterns that I want to make!

100_2233 Then, also from my folks, these beautiful glass knitting needles.  Yes, I have already used them and love them.  I need to find some lanolin though, to keep them slippy.  They have the most flexible and usable rope that I’ve used so far.  I love ’em.

And yes, as a matter of fact, I am still a spoiled brat only child.  My folks also are paying for my tuition to CKU-Provo this summer.  Thank you for all the wonderful birthday goodies, Mama and Daddy!

100_2161 Then there’s this.  OH, I LOVE IT!  Apart from amethist/purple being my birthstone, it is also my favorite color.  This picture really doesn’t do this bracelet justice.  It is so dainty and shiney and beautiful!  My mother-in-law made it for me, with matching earrings.  I’ve already worn both and already gotten compliments on them too!  Thank you, Sandy and Grandpa!100_2171

And from my little boys, I got this very adorable, little ceramic heart.  (I’m pretty sure Daddy picked it out, though.  Thank you, honey.)

But you have to see the inside:



Also from the boys, got a cute little magnet that says, "Ask not what Mommy can do for you.  Ask what you can do for Mommy."  lol100_2191

And finally, from my sweetheart, I got these beautiful pieces of art.  I think we need to save them for now and place them when we get our bedroom painted and re-done.  These are so beautiful!

And…my favorite…100_2188

TULIPS!  Tulips are my favorite flower.  Have been for many, many years.  And now I have a bunch more to put in the garden this fall.  Just makes me  say, "Ooo, aah," everytime I pass the kitchen!

My honey and boys ordered Chinese food for my birthday dinner and we had a candlelight dinner at home, all four of us.  It was perfect!

Thank you honey, boys, Mama and Daddy, Sandy and Kent.  This was a really wonderful birthday!


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