It’s a Bummer…

Well our fun little trip to Colorado ended up having to be postponed.  Woke up this morning to a sick boy and a sick puppy.  Everyone is very bummed, but we’ve promised to try again next weekend.

We did have fun last night, before the "fit hit the shan"…  We had a real, sit-down-at-the-table-with-the-whole-family dinner last night…  It was really nice.100_2083

We all talked about our day and ate a yummy dinner.  It was nice.  Then we went to Perkins with Nick and their kids for dessert and to visit.  It was fun.  All the kids had a ball.

So, as unexpected as our Saturday at home has been, it’s been very productive and rejuvenating for me.  I’ve really had a fun day at home, playing with Bee. Will was feeling better enough by afternoon to do some crafting with us…100_2102

The boys haven’t even gotten out of their jammies all day…for that fact, neither has their father!!  hehehe

The boys have really gotten into playing with my scrapbooking supplies lately.100_2110_2

Especially in demand are my rubber stamps, punches and paint, all of which they used today, making their Valentine’s Day mailboxes for school.  I ended up doing a lot of Will’s for him–he wanted to do it so badly, but just didn’t feel well…100_2111

I think he enjoyed the process though.  I’m not really sure what’s wrong with him.  Both boys have runny noses, but he’s got a tummy ache too…and Bee’s complaining about his ear feeling bad…  oh joy!100_2113

So here’s how Bee’s little mailbox turned out.  I think he did a great job.  And he did most of his all by himself!  What a little artist!  (yes, but is he a "Life Artist"?)  lol

100_2119 And here’s Will’s little mailbox.  I think it turned out pretty cute and he got to play with paint and glue and punches.  That’s all good stuff for a seven year old.

100_2104 Also wanted to share this little piece of school art that Will brought home yesterday…  It was just so sweet, I had to do something special with it.  I can’t believe how well our little first grader reads and writes already!

Probably put this somewhere in their playroom.  I just loved it.

I’ve been working on Will’s knit elephant the last hour or so.  All I have left to do is stuff him, sew him together and embroider blue eyes…  I should have him done today!  I haven’t mentioned it to Will yet…hopefully it’ll be a fun surprise this evening.  In closing, here’s another picture of my mother’s roses.  Turns out she won’t be getting them.  Instead she told me to send her pictures and enjoy them this week, myself.  I’m more than a bit bummed about that too…  100_2124

They do look really pretty in my kitchen, though…  lol

Better go check on my friends on line with my May 2002 Babies group and see what everyone’s cooking for dinner…  I have no clue, having been planning to be elsewhere…  Wish me luck…

Have a great Saturday!


One thought on “It’s a Bummer…

  1. My girls have been glue stick and heart-punch crazy lately, too. I had to resort to going to Wal Mart for cheapo glue sticks because they were going through the good scrapbook ones too fast!

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