Feeling Like Me Again, Finally…

Today’s the first day that I’ve gotten out of bed and felt really good since I got sick, two weeks ago!  I can’t believe tomorrow is already February!  I feel like I’ve lost two weeks of my life…  It’s making me want to re-evaluate some of my commitments, which is always a good thing, right? 100_1915

I’ve gotten some cute, little Valentine’s Day projects done.  First, another Spongebob reference for my silly little boys.  Have you seen the episode with "Wormy"?  My boys love Wormy, so I made them each one. (Had to use Valentine’s colors, cause they’re Valentine’s Day surprises.)100_1924

Here they are, hiding out in my knitting basket.  My boys are going to love ’em.

Also made them cute, very simple little cards and bought little hearts full of M&Ms.  I think I’m set for little boys and Valentine’s Day.100_1935_2

I have a couple other things in the works that I better not share here yet…

I did get around to putting together a couple scrapbook pages…  only because they were already assembled kits that I had put together for the crop a couple weeks ago.100_1934 I didn’t get to go to the crop, so I’m finally getting around to putting these together.

This first layout is a complete rip-off of a sketch from Donna Downey’s blog.  I loved it and it was perfect for what I wanted to do!100_1937

And the second one is mine.  One of my favorite pictures of Scotty in a while.  He’s wearing the little hat that I made him and he’s busy, deep in thought, doing something crafty, at the kitchen table.  And big brother in the background…  Just a very sweet shot to this Mommy!  Love how the simple layout came together so easily too.  Also been slowly, slowly working on this:100_1941

Doodle is so excited about his "Bump" being done and I’m so un-inspired to work on it right now…but I’m slowly moving along on it.  He’s already named the little toy Zach.  (I have no idea…)  Hoping to finish him up this week and start working on my red/pink/orange PS stuff!

I’ve decided to pull out of the Oblique KAL.  I’m still very excited about making this sweater, but it just isn’t a good time for me.  Too many things already on needles that I’m dying to get done.

I’m going to get out of the house a bit this afternoon, have a lunch date with Mandy in a little while and need to get a couple things at the supermarket.  The boys have basketball after school.  Feels good to "join in the living day."  (line from a John Denver song.)

Hopefully I’m well on the road to recovery and I’ll just feel better and better from here on out.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  Thank you for all the nice emails, with get well wishes.  Made me very happy and thankful.

Hope you’re having a great day too! 


3 thoughts on “Feeling Like Me Again, Finally…

  1. Yep, those wormys sure are cute. They will be silly boys over those. Waiting on you to call this morning. I’m so happy. Thornton, Boulder, everywhere but Mead had 5 to 6 inches of snow last night. No Snow. Whooo Hoooo.
    Love Me.

  2. I absolutly LOVE the elephant!
    I wish I could make those for my kiddos. I looked at patterns online, but I just don’t think I’m ready yet.

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