She’s Done!

100_1856 Rainbow Bump is done and has been presented to Scotty already.  He loves her!

This was a really fun, quick project.  I’m really glad, ’cause I have to make another one now.  lol

Funny how she really didn’t have a personality til I embroidered the eyes in place…  Then she developed her own little aura.  Bee picked out the brown eyes and named her "Rainbow."100_1867

Next up, for Will, is a yellow elephant with blue eyes and a red scarf… 


100_1849 Very weird-looking til you add the trunk!



100_1692 I was just looking at the calendar.  I began swatching for this project late Tuesday, started the arms on Wednesday and finished on Saturday.  And I wasn’t knitting myself crazy either…  It was between other things and at my own pace…

What fun.  This is what it’s all about!  Making something for someone that you loved making and the recipient truly loves!  I’m a happy Mommy today!


One thought on “She’s Done!

  1. Oh Rainbow Bump is gorgeous. She’s beautiful. Of course Bee loves her.
    Here ears are wonderful. I think its a beautiful rainbow yarn.
    Love Me.

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