Still Thinking About…

100_1626 Still trying to think of fun stuff to do for my three boys for Valentine’s Day…  I still have time to make stuff too…  I don’t know what I want to do.  I’m completely obsessed with doing something, though.  Even if it’s something small.  I usually miss Valentine’s Day, because my birthday is Feb 12th and my parents’ anniversary is on Valentine’s Day…  But I just don’t want to let it slip by this time.

Today’s the busiest day of our week.  I told the boys that, on their way to school this morning and they knew exactly what I was referring to:  school, basketball and Cub Scouts.  They barely have time to eat dinner and do homework on Tuesdays!  And I’m super busy with Mommy stuff today too—I’ve promised myself that I’d get some specific things done today, if it kills me!  Changing bed linens, grocery shopping, LAUNDRY, I’d like to cook something really nice for a late supper…  I found a recipe that sounds really yummy for mini-meatloaves that I’m dying to try.  I’ll post the recipe if it’s really good…

In other news, Scott’s taking Will to Scouts tonight, in order to weigh their Pinewood Derby car.  This is our first one and I must say, I think my boys out-did themselves!  They made a car to look like the ghost (hovering vehicles) from the video game Halo.100_1688

Scott did most of the carving and Will did most of the painting and cosmetics.  I’m so proud of him.  (I think he’s pretty pleased with himself too.)

In knitting news, I started a new pair of socks after trashing my toe-up.  Yes, I said trashing.  It was too narrow, too long, I don’t like short row heels and yuck-tired of looking at the damned thing!  I started a beautiful white confetti, cable sock last night.  It’s already gorgeous!  Also started swatching for Bee’s "Rainbow Bump" (toy elephant) this morning too.  He’s very anxious for it to be done already!

Ok, the first of many loads of laundry is ready to come out of the dryer.  What idiot decided to put my laundry room in the basement anyway?


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