Thursday Morning

Seems today is the first day that I have the luxury to pick and choose what I do, in a very long time.  Nothing urgent, nothing has a deadline, not out of anything in the kitchen…  Of course there’s always something that can be done, but nothing that can’t wait til tomorrow!  And that makes me very happy.

I used to take "mental health" days regularly when I worked full time.  You know a day every 3 months or so.  I’d take off and just do whatever I wanted.  I don’t see anything wrong with it, if your work is good and you don’t abuse it.  Today I’m taking a day off…for me.  I’m going to ignore most of my "to-do" list and just have fun.  I’m going to take pictures and knit and read.  I’ve already worked-out and I’m looking forward to a healthy, yummy lunch.  It’s going to be a good day.

What am I going to read?  (apart from crafty blogs?)100_1506_00

Santa  my sweet husband, gave me a book for Christmas that I’ve been wanting for a very long time.  I hadn’t purchased it for myself, because it was going to be too expensive…  It hasn’t been released in the U.S. yet and shipping from the U.K. and the cost of the book kept me from doing it.

I’m about a quarter of the way thru it already and loving every bit of it.  (I knew I would)  Lots of beautiful pictures and inspiration in this one!  I highly recommend it!  You can check out the author’s blog here: .

What am I going to knit, you ask?  Well, I’d like to finish the short row heel on my toe-up sock, so that it can go back in the car to continue to be my "waiting-in-the-car-for- kids-to-get-out-of-school" project.  I need to get it to a point that it’s just stockinette again…  so it doesn’t require much attention.  And while I’m waiting for some ordered yarn to arrive, to start on my first sweater for me, I might start planning one of these:Feltedpurse

I KNOW!!!  ADORABLE, HUH?  Found them here: .  Completely irresistible, I think.  And although I know I have 100% wool yarn in my stash, I don’t have one of these fun, Spring colors…so I MUST BUY MORE YARN!  lol  I’m thinking it has to be the blue!  Not sure about the embroidered buttons, though…  Maybe a rub-on transfer on a flat button and I have some yo-yos around here somewhere that would work.  (I knew I made these cute little yo-yos for something!)100_4125   

Or I could make the orange or pink bag and put my felt flower on it…100_4173

Decisions, decisions.

So, I’m going to go get busy having fun!  Gotta pick up little boys at 3pm and they have basketball at 4pm.  Changes are coming for Will and Scotty.  I’ll post more later…

Have a great day, everyone.   


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