Happy Birthday, Dood!

Im000050_2   Our beautiful first baby, Will just turned 7 years old yesterday!  How can that be?  How can he already be half way thru the first grade?  See those two front teeth?  He doesn’t have them anymore…  See those dreamy blue eyes?  He still has those!  lol

He’s a sweet, smart, happy little boy.

He had a fun, simple, abbreviated birthday celebration yesterday.  We had Tim, Christian and Anja over to play and I baked a cake.  We had a couple of presents.102_0062_2 

The boys and I are going down to Colorado later today.  Going to do some shopping and get the boys a trim…hang out and knit and have the real birthday party on Saturday at Bounce!  More cake, more presents…  Will’s very excited!  I think Daddy and the puppies are joining us Friday evening.

Dood keeps asking me if he’s really seven…  I guess it’s fun, turning 7!

So, well be home on Sunday (early) and back to normal life and school100_5253   on Monday.  Kind of looking forward to it…


April 2006


Summer 2007

I love you so much, big ol’ sever-year-old honey!



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