Crisp and CCCCCold…

100_0724 No snow in the forecast but temps here are around zero and the wind chill is unbearable!  (like Iowa the first winter we lived there!)  The forecast is calling for flurries on Christmas Day, which might be fun.  Thankfully the roads will be clear and dry for Guh and Umpa to join us tomorrow!

And maybe…just maybe I’ll be well by then.  I’ve been struggling with a killer cold, pink eye, uti and Aunt Flo this week…  I could have been better…  So, to make myself feel better (apart from rest and drugs) I knitted!  I have a couple quick, fun, new projects on needles right now…100_1061   Because I was foolish enough to listen to my then four-year-old about wanting a PINK hat last winter, this year I’m knitting him a new one.  (because "Pink is for girls, Mommy.")  So Scotty’s pretty excited about getting a new hat.  He’s telling everyone, "Mommy’s knitting me a new hat and guess what it’s made out of…… YARN!"  (He thinks it’s such a revelation…and I let him think it!)  lol

And, after browsing around Ravelry, the other day for several hours minutes, I decided that I had to have one of these:100_1084

And as promised, it is a very quick knit.  I hope it looks as cute on me as it does on this lady…

100_1105 I’d guess I’m about 3/4 of the way done with it.  Maybe I can finish up today.  I’ve invited Denise and her girls over to craft with me today and have lunch with us.  I think the boys will have fun.

My honey is sentenced working today–a requirement to work two days extra during the Christmas season…  So he’ll be gone today and tomorrow…  UGH!

So in other news, both boys had fun, successful Christmas shows at school…100_0047

I had to watch Bee’s show via video cam because I was home with a sick Will.  But everyone understood.  Our Bee did great!

100_0789 Can you see Will, in the middle on the far right?  He was winking at me and blowing me kisses and doing the "I love you" hand sign to me, during the whole show…  love that boy!

Then Will also earned his Bobcat Badge in Cub Scouts this week too.  He’s been working very hard, memorizing a bunch of stuff and reciting it to his den leader and he got it all done!  He was so happy and so proud.  To quote Paula Dean, "I could have just eaten his head off."  (kind of a gross quote, but I nearly laughed my butt off when she said it about her new grandson.)  lol  My pictures of Will receiving his Bobcat didn’t turn out very well…100_0996   But from the following pictures of he and I being very silly, you can tell that he was completely elated!






Then, of course, Bee had to get in on all the silly action:100_1035

Yes…as a matter of fact…both boys are aware that their mother is crazy.

100_1039 And here’s our little Cub Scout picking up his prize for selling popcorn.  (Oh boy, I wish this child would grow some front teeth!  lol)

100_1040 Meanwhile, Bee is buddy-ing up with the Big Guy!  (What a smart little boy…)

So, I guess we’re ready…  Just waiting on it to get here:100_1101

The frig is full of yummy stuff to fix for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and the outside of the frig is full of beautiful kids’ Christmas art. 

Guess I’ll go do some more knitting…

Have a great day!


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