Monday Mosaic #4

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Monday Mosaic #4, originally uploaded by doo010101.

Monday morning brings list making, laundry, knitting, cooking and wrapping gifts. I can’t wait to get started, but just had to share some pictures from the last few days…

Several in this mosaic of my little snow boys, playing and loving the winter weather we’re having! (especially with new snow pants, boots, coats and gloves…)

We visited Santa yesterday and this year the boys took him a list of things they wanted. Even Bee gave Santa a chance this year…

Finished up the second pair of crazy socks for the boys this morning. Will insisted on wearing them to school. He liked them so much, he took a picture of them! And I’m starting a new, little knitting project today, which is always fun.

Also put in a picture of this morning’s sunrise… I don’t see them very often…hehehe

Off to do some fun mommy stuff. I hope you have a fantastic Monday too!


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