Favorite Pictures from Thanksgiving Break

100_3791 I love this shot of Marla, just sitting in the middle of nowhere, minding her own business, fishing in BFE, Nebraska.  lol  Love you, Marla.

I love this second shot of Sandy and her cute, little hat with Scott.Closeupsandyandscottfishing_2


Marla got to celebrate her 40th birthday with us!  Just think, chicky, you’re just now reaching your sexual prime!!!!  Woo Hoo!!! (Let’s just hope the cake doesn’t burn the house down…lol)

100_0278 We got a little bit of snow while "the cousins" were here…  It was really cold and there was just enough wet, slippery stuff for the tobaggon to work!  All three boys had fun!

101_0324 Love this shot of the "crazy, knitting girl!"

101_0345 Love this shot of Bee with a Santa hat and his Little Ninja’s uniform.  Even though it’s blurry, this boy was really, really happy when I snapped this picture and I love it!!!

101_0379 Nothing turns me on more than a gorgeous man in the kitchen!  Love you, honey.

101_0423 So…………what’s with the little boy in the middle?  Is he developmentally disabled? (poor thing) or are his cousins pinching his butt?  What’s the deal?

101_0424 Alrighty…and this one?  Marla did you put him up to this?

101_0425 This one’s good, but Will is going into spiderman/jedi mode…

I think that’s it for now…  As you can tell, we all had an awesome Thanksgiving!


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