100_0094 My first attempt at a toe-up sock pattern.  You think I have a gauge problem? 

Found a simpler pattern that I’m going to work on this weekend. (and smaller needles…) I’ll keep you posted.

Also still going to try Katherine’s tip on avoiding holey ssk gusset decreases…

Someday I’ll find the perfect sock pattern for my foot!

The weather’s just got me in the mood to make socks, I guess.  It’s finally cool/cold most of the time.

100_0095 So funny…I kept knitting because the pattern is completely new to me and I thought maybe I was going to fold it in half and seam it or something…  duh!

Live and Learn, right?

I so want to get Rachael done! (my lacy shawl)100_8804   It’s just so boring to me right now and there’s still so much to do.  (I’m only about half way done)  I sure would love to be wrapping up in this thing right now, though.  It’s unbelievably soft and cuddly!


I better get.  Gotta shower and fix myself up to have a lunch date with my sexy husband.  I’m all packed and ready to leave for Colorado when school gets out.

It’s going to be a fun weekend!

*  11 lbs as of this morning!


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