Hello November!

100_9982 Well another season at the pumpkin patch is all over.  Their last day was the 28th and now the cattle get to munch-out on what’s left in the fields.  (California’s not the only place with "happy cows".)

We visited Hazel’s a couple last times this past weekend:  Saturday with Will’s boy scout troop and Sunday Guh and Umpa came up and we drove out there to have lunch and play.  It was fun and the weather was really nice on Sunday!  My boys froze on Saturday, with the high temperature being in the 40s…you didn’t hear me complaining, though…

100_0061 I had the pleasure of helping out and attending Scotty’s Halloween party at school yesterday.  I could tell that he loved me being there.  It was a little funny to hear him calling me Mrs. Johnstone-but that’s the rule at school…  Will’s teacher didn’t ask for parent volunteers to help out…I did let Will pick out treats to take to his friends though–I think that made him happy.  Will made the cutest little hat in art yesterday too.  He and all his classmates came out of school yesterday wearing their "jack-o-lantern hats".  They looked so cute!

100_0075 It’s so hard, lately, to get Dood to stay still and give me a nice smile for pictures.  So this is a goofy expression, but it’s the best one I got.

They were very excited about trick-or-treating, had their costumes on early and were waiting at the door.  Will said this was the best Halloween ever!

100_0085 Here are our little Boba Fett and Storm Trooper from Star Wars.  Couldn’t get Scotty to take off the mask, he was already in character!  lol

Living in a small town is so funny sometimes.  There were several kids at my door last night who knew me…"Are you Will’s Mommy?", "Are you Scotty’s Mommy?"

We gave out every single last piece of candy that I bought and I didn’t eat any~not one bite.  And really, it wasn’t even much of a struggle either.  I’m just in a really good spot right now, with trying to get healthy and lose weight.  I’ve been on my "plan" for 10 days now and I’ve eaten sensibly, done my stationary bike every weekday and I’ve lost 10 lbs.  Granted, I have a long way to go, but I feel so good right now about this.

On the craft front, I haven’t done much.  I started a toe-up sock pattern, in complete frustration with the traditional way of knitting socks…  Anyone have advice as to what I’m doing wrong?100_0058   I hate the look of the ssk gussett decreases…no matter how big the sock is, as soon as I put it on my foot, the ssk decreases open up and stretch and look ugly…the k2tog decreases on the other side of the sock don’t do that…

Katherine told me to try knitting one stitch before each ssk.  I’m going to do that next and see how I like it…  In the meantime, I’m starting a toe-up pattern that, I don’t know, doesn’t even appear to have gussett decreases…  I’ll keep you posted.  And any advice or suggestions about the ugly ssk would be greatly appreciated.

Going to Colorado tomorrow.  We’re celebrating Guh’s birthday early, pampering ourselves at the spa and maybe doing some shopping.  Should be fun!


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