I have the baby bug again…

Phantom I’ve been thinking of a new family member for quite some time now…  Not to try to replace Jo~  God knows nothing could ever replace my Jo, but a dog that my boys could play with, a dog that I wouldn’t be allergic to, a dog that doesn’t shed. 

I’ve researched them to death on the internet and here’s what I’ve discovered:  I WANT A GOLDENDOODLE!  It’s a hybrid breed, part golden retriever and part poodle.  They have all the great characteristics of poodles and the size and temperament of a golden.  I’ve found a good breeder in…lol…  Golden… (Colorado) and I’ve printed out the puppy application and I’ve emailed them and asked to be notified when they’re expecting again…  (nothing binding yet, honey.)Nani75weeks3427

I want a female and I’m not sure what color, but probably darker, because they do get tear stains, just like poodles.  They require all the same grooming as poodles do.  No names in mind yet…

They come in two sizes:  standard and miniature, the miniature is around 25-45 lbs., which is the size we’d want.  The standards can be as big as 85 lbs—EEK!

They’re kind-of expensive, ranging from $1250.00-$2000.00 for a puppy.  We’d have to wait until after Christmas and possibly after CKU in March.  But my wheels are turning, big time!


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