It’s been a busy week around here…

100_9923 Hmmm, I guess I was just having too much fun, last Saturday, to worry about taking pictures…cause this is the only decent picture I got the entire day.

Denise, Katherine and I spent the day in Fort Collins, shopping, eating out, having fun.  It was wonderful!  We left at 8 in the morning and didn’t get home til after 9:00 pm!

Had lunch at Chipotle and dinner at Hu Hot and shopped at Joann’s, Michael’s, Lambspun, Old Navy, Target.  I got everything on my list!

I got the fabric for the quilts that I’m going to make for the boys…  Haven’t decided exactly what I want to do with it yet.  I called the boys from Joann’s and asked them what their favorite colors were today.  Will decided on green and Scotty chose blue.  So here’s what I picked up:

100_9926 I know, they look young, but I wanted them to look young.  I’ll make them another one when they go to college…  hehehe

My priority is that the fabric is really soft and that dot minky stuff fits the bill!  It is expensive and these little quilts are going to cost as much as my big one, in the end, I bet. 

Our boys are worth it, right?

100_9927 I’m not sure when I’m going to get started on these yet…  I’ve got some knitting that I’m really excited about working on right now…  might even be after Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I’ve been thinking alot about Christmas andthe fact that the "Simplify" movement has never really sunk in with me…until yesterday.  I don’t know what hit me.  I’ve decided to do one tree only this year.  I’m going to use the boys’ rustic ornaments and my wooden block garland and it’s going to be very simple.  It’s going to be great!  I’ve already started a dozen lists for other stuff to focus on, though!  I just can’t help myself.  lol

So back to our busy week.

Sunday Nick and Scott went to the Broncos game in Denver and Katherine and the kids came over to knit/quilt/play.  And………….  I finished Miranda!  I still haven’t put a label on her…I’m probably just going to use a permanent marker and write along one corner of the binding.  The lite spots in this photo are just the sunshine, not the fabric.100_9950

So, my first quilt is done.  I must admit, I’m a little giddy…  Scott even told me it was really nice.  (he doesn’t give compliments lightly…)  It meant alot to me that he said that.  Love you, honey.


I think I like the back as much as the front.  I love that fabric!  And just like I thought it would, that blue binding just makes the whole thing pop! 

Monday I had a class (the last class) at our lss.  Sadly, Nicki and the girls are closing shop.  Everyone’s really bummed, but we’re going to figure out how to stay in touch and still scrapbook together.100_9960   Photos attached are of the little book we made in class.  I’ve been looking at the class sample for a long time.  I love the dimensions of this book.  I’m using it as a weight loss journey book.  Trying to use my stamps, instead of embellishments.100_9962


Tuesday Will and I had Boy Scouts and the boys got out of school early.

Wednesday the boys got out early again and we had parent/teacher conferences last night.  Both boys are doing very well in school.  Bee’s coming out of his shell and really enjoying himself and Will is reading 46 words per minute.  (13 words per minute is normal for a 1st grader/1st quarter.)  We’re very happy and proud of these little boys!

This morning we had "Muffins with Mom"!  Bee’s class is learning all about the letter "M" this week and his teacher invited all the moms in to have muffins this morning.  Just a little fun thing to do and the kids really loved it.  I forgot to take my camera, but kept telling myself that it was ok, because it allowed me to live in the moment and not worry about documentation!  (Thanks, Ali.)  And tonight Katherine and I are getting together to knit!  I’ve gotten a renewed interest in sock knitting right now…  (I’ll be down on socks again if I finish it and it doesn’t fit again!)

I have found time to throw together a couple more layouts, still riding on the wave of inspiration from Miss Ali.  Have you seen her latest Christmas project?  AWESOME!  If I wasn’t determined to simplify, I’d be making one too.  If you’d like to take a look, here’s the link: .  So here’s my first new layout this week:100_9965   When I thought about it, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t scrapped football yet.  We had so much fun doing it!100_9964

I really enjoyed football.  It’s wonderful weather this time of year, I enjoy cheering for my son.  I think Scotty really had fun too, although he didn’t understand everything that was going on…

I’m not sure what Scott did, but all of a sudden Scotty isn’t running like a baby anymore…  He’s running like a big boy and faster.  I think Scott gave him some pointers, but the change is remarkable~!  I was beginning to worry a little about his feet turning in, like mine do, but he’s doing fantastic now.

100_9959 The second layout is one of my favorite recent pictures of Will, taken right before the Oktoberfest Parade, all decked out in his Boy Scout uniform.  He looks about 15 in this picture, to me.  So handsome…  like his Daddy!

100_9958 I can’t believe how fast my boys are growing up!


Tomorrow there’s no school,  not sure what the boys and I are going to do yet…  should try to do something fun…although there’s a major cold front coming in tonight…  I’ll have to give it some thought.

Saturday there’s a boy scout/pumpkin patch outing and Sunday Guh and Umpa are coming to visit.  I don’t think my folks have been here since spring…  It’s going to be a lot of fun.

It’s been a busy week.  All good, but busy!  I hope you’re having a great week too.  I’m off to do my stationary bike.  (yep, fourth day in a row.  Wish me luck on my journey.)


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